For every person, there is always that time of grand appearing. There would have been a silent period of preparing no one knew about, no wonder people ignorantly say words like ” He/she just appeared from nowhere”, but in the real sense the person had been around all the while, but heaven had not shone the SPOTLIGHT on that person prior to this time of his appearing…

In other words, if you are yet to appear, if you are yet to become who you know God wants you to be, be calm, and know that this time you have now is the best time to prepare for that grand appearance.

Note: Once you appear, the EXPECTATION is high, so your prior PREPARATION determines your MANIFESTATION which is what qualifies you for an OVATION that never ends.

Bible Ref:  in the book of Mark 1, it was just stated that John APPEARED In the wilderness preaching and baptizing, nothing was said about His preparation, but we all know that he must have prepared a great deal before appearing suddenly in the wilderness to fulfil His ministry.
God bless you…
Just thought to share.

Deep Thots
Opeyemi Akintunde

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