TIMI felt swallowed up by the Overwhelming Office, she felt like a pin. Mr Joshua, urged her to come in, every step she took, you could hear the sound, the office was so silent, you could hear your breath.

The Overall Boss had an intimidating figure, broad shoulders never seen before, it seem like He was fixing something on his magnificent Gold decorated mahogany Table.

” Sir? ” Mr Joshua called asking for permission to speak

” Yes, Joshua, What is it? ” He said without looking up

” It’s about this Lady, Timi, she is one of our representatives.. “

” I know her” He cuts in. Timi was shocked to her bones, the Overall boss knew her Amongsts the uncountable number of Reps.

” OK sir, She is in need of certain things in her life, which will make her existence a glorious one filled with peace, which will inturn give her more strength to represent us well enough to bring in more persons into our company” Mr Saviour asked in reverence to the Overall Boss

” Very Well, Has she done the necessary?” The Boss asked fixing His intimidating eyes on TImi

” Yes, sir, very well, She choose me as Her Spokesman and guarantor. She asked for everything from you using my name as her reference on all application forms. “

” Very well, then, She can have everything as Long as it is in your name, after all All authority has been given to you, anyone who asks for anything in your name, will get it. You have been given a name above all other names. “

” Thank you Father”. Timi couldn’t help but shed tears as she watched how easily Her application had been approved, Application for a husband, Application for a Job, Application of healing for her mother, Application for peace to be restored to her Sister’s Marriage, Application of Deliverance from the Spirit of Epilepsy. application for her brother to have a baby. It had been approved In Mr Joshua Saviour ‘s name.

All these years, she had been using fake representatives, like the herbalists, magicians, her form never got to the Overall Boss’s table.

Joshua is another way of calling Jesus, Saviour is another way of calling Christ. So indirectly, I have been writing about Jesus Christ.

Friend, After Christ resurrected, God gave HIM ALL AUTHORITY in the heavens and on earth, meaning He has the say over everything. Before you can get what you want, You must ask in the name of Jesus Christ.

The next time you are praying, remember to ask in the name of Jesus, because ALL AUTHORITY on earth and In heaven has been given to Him.

Matt 28:18

God bless you.

Opeyemi Akintunde

FBK: Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

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