He was very tall, Fair-skinned, neat beards on him, He walked with so much confidence, you felt he was a King, or better, still a warrior from an earliest world.

His muscles were something else, Walking with him made you feel secured, I was the envy of most girls, they wondered how a petite girl like me would bag myself a handsome dude like this, Well, If only they knew, I wasn’t 100% happy in the relationship, because I knew I was disobeying a major Law.

What was the Law? You will find out as you read my story. My name is Ewa( Beauty) and my husband’s name is David. Don’t be carried away by the Christian name, David was not a Christian, He was an atheist, a staunch unbeliever, as perfect as he was, as handsome he was , as breathtaking he looked, like a model from the runway, he was a mismatch for me.

I married Six months ago, despite the nudging of the HolySpirit, I got carried away by His looks and all, but the first night of our wedding was when it started.

He tried to make love with me, but not the normal way, He had me tied up, as I tried fighting it, he slapped me, he had a knife close by cutting me and licking me up, the more I cried, the more excited he got..

“Cry baby, cry baby.. I love you.. I love that sound “

Then, it made sense, he told me he didn’t want us to settle down in Lagos, we went to settle in a far away city, and He made sure, we left for the city immediately after the reception. We spent our first night in our home, faraway from people who knew me..

This continued everyday, bruises all over, knife cuts, he treated me by Himself, since he was a medical doctor. I could have escaped, but everyday, he would apologize Lovingly, make me Happy.

After, he left for work, I would stand in front of the mirror, looking at myself as I was becoming a shadow of myself. My sister came visiting, I tried covering up with makeup and foundation and we pretended to be a good couple for the three days she spent. The moment she Left our place and the taxi came to pick her up, David rushed at me like a Lion, I started pleading..

” Please David, the past three days have been great, can’t we continue that way” I pleaded but he was tearing my long dress, he pulled me down and started scratching ME with his long nails, I saw the beast in him coming out, blood on my face… Just then David fell off from me at a Loud Sound, . As he fell off unconsciously, I saw my sister, looking at me in shock, with tears flowing down her face, She had hit David with a side stool. I fell back on the ground and everything turned black.

Sitting down now, on the hospital bed with different disheartening news prompted me to write my story. First, I heard I was pregnant, and that the baby had died in my womb for over 3 weeks. I didn’t even know I was pregnant, and now, to hear the baby was actually dead is killing. They had to do an Evacuation. My sister went home to look for David, David was no where in sight, my sister called his parents and was shocked when the people who claimed to be his parents, said, they were actually rented by David, for the wedding.

Now, where do I start from, who was David?.. I can’t even find a suitable answer, but one thing I know he was that should have made me run far away from him was HE WAS AN UNBELIEVER.

I broke the Law, ” Do not become unequally yoked together with unbelievers. ( Do not become a partner with an unbeliever) For what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?”2 Cor 6:14

Dear Christian Single, in your desperation to get married, or in your being blindly IN love, never choose an unbeliever.

This reminds me of a popular Saying of one of our Generals in the Christian faith in Nigeria.. Dr D. K Olukoya. He said and I quote ” If you marry an unbeliever, you have made the devil your Father in law.”

An unbeliever doesn’t fear God, and has no rules guiding him, which is what the devil encourages his children to be…


Opeyemi Akintunde
fbk: Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
www.deepthotsonline.com( For Christian short films)

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