My Eden was beautiful, My Eden was the envy of everyone around me, Even close friends envied ME, family members were not exempted, Enemies especially could not curtail their deep hatred for me, because of my Eden.

My Eden was filled with beautiful fruits of 3 energetic sons, 2 beautiful apple like daughters. My Eden was graced by a beautiful fruit of a well structured, mannered wife. I had everything in my Eden. My business venture was filled with unique fruits that drew clients from all over, giving them no choice, but to do business with me.

I was RICH.
My EDEN was great
I had the best life.

Suddenly, like a fly that passes swiftly before the eye, I lost my Eden. How?

I met the serpent
A man who came as a friend,
We became best of friends,
I thought he had my best interest at heart as I listened with rapt attention to his “Very good” advice.

” You need a side chic, your wife alone can not satisfy you. Guy, sleeping with other women is honey.. ”

” I am a Christian” I replied, “besides, God does not like adultery”

Just like the old serpent, he gave me a reply that made sense

” Says who? adultery is not the problem, the reason why God doesn’t want men to have girlfriends is because when they have their side chics, they begin to maltreat the wife at home, if you are able to manage the two well, You are good, SOLOMON had lots of concubines, and yet God chose him to build the temple for Him” He said convincingly

I stupidly listened and swallowed the poisonous yet honey tasting pill. I got my own side chic, started ravishing her like a sweet apple, I ravished her at any given opportunity, the love and appetite for my fruit of a wife waned. I started adding more side chics, I sat beside the forbidden tree, ate one fruit after another.

Business started going down, Wife started losing weight, Children started turning wayward, I never saw it, until 17 years later. Yes, I was at my game of adultery for 17 years.

I was at the hospital one Tuesday morning, for a general body check up, and the doctor looked at me, with utmost shock..
“That you are alive is a miracle, I Can’t imagine one person having all these ailments, High Blood pressure, diabetes, High cholesterol, Fat in the Blood, kidney related problem, and most importantly HIV.”

Surprisingly, I wasn’t emotionally down because of the listed ailments, because I knew it was coming. Already, I had lost some parts of my Eden, my three sons were mature, and Deep in illegal drugs and deals. I couldn’t stop them anymore. My daughters were civilized prostitutes, My wife was a shadow of herself, she had lived most of the 17 years in pain and anxiety of me cheating on her. I had become a serial adulterer, what I saw in her eyes for me, was hatred.

I learnt the hard way, Adultery never makes a man richer, all my side chics, wasted my money. My business crumbled while trying to be the women’s man.

The last part of my Eden was my health, That also was gone, I Lost my Eden, The beautiful Eden God gave to me, because I listened to the Serpent and ate the forbidden fruits( side chic) around me.

For those reading this, be it a man or a woman, Don’t lose the beautiful Eden God has created for you because of the pleasure of Adultery.

God bless you.

Gen 2& 3

Opeyemi Akintunde

Inspired by THE LIVING WORD 
fbk: Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

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  • God bless you.
    This is inspiring.
    Let’s share and share this page more and more to raise Godly and fervent followers of Christ who obey and honour the Lord Almighty.
    Thanks Sister Opeyemi

  • Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly return.


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