Killing For God? He thought he was doing what was right for God. He had the zeal for His people, He couldn’t stand the enemies around God’s people, so he zealously and desperately wanted to erase their existence from our Land. This was where he went wrong with God.

My name is Rizpah, I am one of the women not popular in the Bible. I was Saul’s concubine, I had two sons for Him, and right before my eyes, King David handed them over to the Gibeonites to be Killed. I stayed on the mountain where the corpses of my children lay for over 6 months, driving away the birds from them during the day, and wild animals from eating them at night.. The agony of a mother.

I wish, Saul had understood the terminology ” Zealously Wrong”, maybe my sons would have lived longer. Let me tell you what Saul Did.

During David’s reign there was a severe famine which lasted for three full years. So David consulted the LORD about it, and the LORD said, “Saul and his family are guilty of murder; he put the people of Gibeon to death.”

The people of Gibeon were not Israelites; they were a small group of Amorites whom the Israelites had promised to protect, but Saul had tried to destroy them because of his ZEAL for the people of Israel and Judah.

God, being a covenant keeper, He was angry at Saul for furiously aiming for the lives of those they had promised to protect. For this, GOD punished the whole Land with Famine.

David then reached out to the Gibeonites to make peace with them, and they refused to be appeased, unless 7 sons from the Saul’s clan were handed over to them, to be killed before the LORD.

David took two of my sons and the five sons of Merab, ( the woman he ought to have married) handed them over to the Gibeonites who had them killed.

Can one be doing something for God out of Zeal and yet be wrong?

Absolutely, Saul was trying to protect and fight for the honour of the Israelites by clearing the Land of these Strangers, but to God, He was wrong.

Likewise, Writing a petition against your pastor could be a zealously wrong step.

Killing your fellow human being in the name of religion could be a zealously wrong step…

Disowning your daughter, because she became a prostitute, could be a zealously wrong step…

Starving your mother, because you have been told she is a witch could be a zealously wrong step.

Prayer: God, please have mercy on me, if I have been zealously wrong in my approach to issues in my life, marriage, ministry, career, e.t.c.

As you pray this prayer, Dear friend, reflect in the Spirit, and ask the Spirit of God to bring to your notice, any area you have been zealously wrong.

Check your zealous actions carefully before God, because it might be wrong after all.

God bless you
2 Sam 21

Opeyemi Akintunde
Inspired by HIM WHO IS DEEP 
Fbk: Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

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