“BECAUSE OF CHRIS” ©Opeyemi Akintunde

I got married to Chris 10 years ago and I must tell you, Chris is the best husband any woman would be happy to have as a husband, but because of CHRIS, my life was experiencing backwardness…

Yes! backwardness, I come from a wealthy elite family, attended the best schools, was working in a big multinational before I got married to Chris, but suddenly after marriage, everything started going downhill. Meanwhile, Chris comes from a not so flourishing family, he and his siblings were like ants all moving in the same direction… No family member was doing better than the other.

To think, Chris’s Status would change after getting married to me, was a big lie, rather my own life started following his family pattern… I lost my job, somehow, my family lost interest in me, whenever I called friends to help they would promise to get back to me, but nothing came out of it…

One day, I had a dream of the night, I saw myself on the ground and beside me was a deep hole, as I looked into the big hole, I saw Chris and his entire family there, out of useless compassion I joined Chris in the hole, thereby finding myself too in the hole, with no hope of getting back on top…

I woke up startled, and immediately a verse of the Scripture popped at my heart..

“They had no children because Elizabeth was unable to conceive, and they were both very old.”

And just like the Holy Spirit was the one interpreting the dream beside me, I heard a prayer point expressly in my mind ” Any form of backwardness or barrenness I am experiencing because of my husband, Oh Lord, God of Isreal deliver me in Jesus name”

Oh my God!, it dawned on me, Zechariah and Elizabeth were childless, not because Zechariah couldn’t father a child, but because Elizabeth couldn’t conceive, so also, Chris was the one who had a family pattern of backwardness, poverty, failure and by getting married to him, I was experiencing same… GOD FORBID

I jumped up and started groaning in the Spirit, as I had to apply wisdom in praying that prayer, it could cause a major problem in my marriage, if Chris heard the prayer point of referring to him as the problem…

After three months of ceaselessly praying this prayer, everything turned around, Chris himself woke up spiritually and it seem like a veil was removed from his face, he also noticed the evil pattern in his family and saw the need to break away. My family starting calling me and became so pressed to help my family, my Father gave us some millions to start a business , and today that start up capital has tripled in our hands….

PRAY: Any form of backwardness or barreness I am suffering because I got married to my husband /wife, Oh Lord God of Isreal, Have mercy on me,deliver me and turn our story around by your mighty hand in Jesus name.

Luke 1:7

God bless you….
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Opeyemi Akintunde
Inspired by the LIVING WORD


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