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I sat in my living room, trying to see where I got it all wrong, but I couldn’t. Not that I am a perfect person, but I try to live a good Life as a Christian, but things were not going as planned. My wife had walked out on me, my children could no longer go to school. My wife left them with me. My health was failing, though that could have been as a result of the depression, I was experiencing.

In all this, I decided to stay calm and pray, because over the years I had learnt to relax, when things were not going as expected . I was so sure God was working something out for me. Though everything I was seeing proved otherwise.

There were nights I cried, there were days I felt like giving up, but in all I vowed to stay closer to God.

I started praising God even more

I deliberately decided to be filled with joy, because I read from the Scripture that ” Your Joy is yours, Your bitterness is yours, No one can share them with you” Prov 14:10.
I encouraged myself in the Lord like David, wiped my tears and kept living life a day at a time, As it was sure God was working out something for my Good.

October 5, Just about a week ago, My wife came back home, but this time, broken. Apparently the time she spent away from me, God cornered Her. She genuinely encountered God.

Just two days back, a friend I had been pestering to be of help, suddenly was in a fix and needed my help. He had a project I had earlier begged to help him manage, but he kept telling me to hold on, but suddenly, his project manager disappointed HIm. He suddenly needed someone to bail him out. I instantly became a needed hand.

This time around he was the one begging for my help and offering me a huge amount as my pay, which he would never had given me in the first place. Now, my children can go back to school, and I will have more than enough to start my life all over again…

Isn’t God good?

Yes, He is…

So Friend when things don’t go as planned, Stay Calm and know God is working things out for your good. ©www.deepthotsonline.com

Bible Ref:
Rom 8:28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

God bless you.

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Opeyemi Akintunde
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