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My store is the last store in the market. My name is Obi and I sell electronics at the popular Lagos Electronics Market. Years ago, my business was not a business center as I would sit all day, with no buyers at times. As the last store in the market, people would have patronized other stores without getting to my end.
Then, Suddenly I became a helped man.

“Helped man ?” you say….Yes thanks to my beautiful wife Nkechi, who constantly prayed this prayer for me. ” Oh Lord , Let everything you have created help my husband, including living and non -living things”..For years I never really understood her prayer, because how can non -living things help a man.

Until recently, her prayers made sense. The government decided to expand the road, thereby condemning the main entrance, so people had to use the back gate , which made my last shop to become the first shop from the back.

It then made sense as people entered from the back gate, my store became the first point of call. Not only that, there is a big tree in front of my shop, which provides coverage for people when it rains and for years, there has a been a lot of downpour, so the moment people enter the market, they find themselves taking shelter under the tree and in the process, they look into my store. 99% of them eventually shop with me.

An ATM machine was also erected beside my store because of the change in entrance. Fortunately again for me, as people withdrew money, my store became their next stop.

My store that was a semi functional store suddenly became the rush of the season. Everything started working in my favour.

Even my twins were another source of attraction for buyers. My twin daughters are beautiful and lovable , so as they play outside the store, people are attracted to them, thereby patronizing my store…

A new canteen was also opened opposite my store, as people stopped by to eat, my store also became their next stop…

In short, everything God created helped me.

The government wanting to expand the road, the big tree in front of my store, the constant rain, my praying wife, my beautiful attractive daughters, the food canteen opposite my store, the ATM machine beside my store….Everything worked in my favour…

Now, the road expansion has been concluded after three years. God used those three years to favour , establish and expand my business.

Although the front gate has been reopened, but my customers still use the back gate to come shop with me.

Now, my prayer everyday is ” Oh Lord, Let everything you have created help me”.

It was later I discovered that this prayer point was biblical, In the book of Revelation, it was said that ” THE EARTH HELPED THE WOMAN”….

Dear Friend, Everything God has created can be prayed into helping you, situation can be prayed to help you….

Pray: Oh Lord, Let everything and everyone you have created help me in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, use situations and circumstances to help me in Jesus name. ©www.deepthotsonline.com

God bless you..

Bible Ref:
Rev 12:16 “But the earth helped her by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that gushed out from the mouth of the dragon.”

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Opeyemi Akintunde
Inspired by the LIVING WORD
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